Pre-Planning a funeral

Why do people choose to pre-plan a funeral? One of the main reasons why people choose to pre-plan a funeral is to spare your family from making complicated decisions at a time that is overwhelming. By approaching these decisions ahead of time with the input of your family, insures lasting peace of mind of knowing that together all of the final arrangements are in accordance with your wishes. Here are some more important reasons to contact us today to pre-arrange a funeral:

  • There is no charge to make pre-arrangements
  • All funeral pre-arrangements do not have to be funded
  • Makes estate planning easier
  • Aids in Medicaid Matters
  • Protects against inflation and future cost increases
  • Provides an easy and convenient way to allocate funds for the funeral of your choice
  • Protects your assets with an interest bearing FDIC accredited trust fund
  • Funeral Home trust accounts

By placing your money in an FDIC Insured Funeral Trust with the Scamardella Funeral Home Inc, 100% of your money is refundable at any time. The monies you deposit are placed into a revocable trust fund. If you are on Medicaid, it may be required that an irrevocable trust be established. In such a case, circumstances may not allow for the refund of money. However, if you move away, the funeral trust is transferable to a funeral home of your choice.

    Pre-Arrange Online

    Pre-planning and pre-paying your funeral is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your family. Don't wait! Start Your Pre-Plan Today